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In March 2013, China KVD International Group established the DOOGEE brand in Spain. This mobile phone brand soon became popular among the young people around the country due to its fashionable design and high performance features. DOOGEE has become the official mobile phone sponsor of the Spanish football team Villarreal C.F. since 2014 and is gaining more and more brand awareness across Europe.


DOOGEE strives to bring high performance products to mobile users all over the world. Under the brand concept “Connect people and the world”, DOOGEE always aims at providing users with fashionable designs with affordable prices, improving user experience by “micro-innovations”, and conveying the enthusiasm and the positive attitude towards life to the entire world.


February 2014 – Mr. Fernando Roig, President of the Villareal C.F. football team signed a deal with DOOGEE CEO, Xin Chao and DOOGEE Spain to enter into a mutual partnership.

February 24th, 2014 – DOOGEE unveiled the first customized smartphone DG 2014, VILLARREAL C.F. Limited edition. The company became the official smartphone sponsor to the VILLARREAL C.F. from then until June 2015. “We chose VILLARREAL C.F. as our partner because the spirit of Villarreal is consistent with DOOGEE’s philosophy of management. Both of us started small and achieved great results in a short time with relentless efforts ”, the CEO of DOOGEE said. After signing with VILLARREAL C.F., DOOGEE has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people in Spain, and the business expanded greatly during this year throughout the country.

2015 – DOOGEE entered the Southeast Asia market. DOOGEE opened a representative office and several online stores in Thailand first and started to penetrate into surrounding countries. Ever since sponsoring the famous football team in Malaysia, the Johor Darul Takzim Team, DOOGEE has gained market shares in Southeast Asia with great speed. Valencia DG800 was awarded as “the most popular phone for women” by The Edger, one of the major magazines in Thailand.

2016 – DOOGEE was committed to global market expansion with full power. During this year, DOOGEE established branch companies and factories in Eastern, Western and North Africa, which created more local job opportunities and boosted the local economy. In Algeria, DOOGEE has achieved monthly growth of more than 20% for 20 months continuously. Furthermore, its annual shipments ranked the second in Algeria, covering more than 10,000 stores in the offline sales channels.

DOOGEE Headquarters

Tel: +86 755-82959965

Fax: +86 755-26552167

E-mail: [email protected]